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But a certain someone (not naming names) has me banned from the BBS and the picture uploader is garbage on the news posts.

Shin Megami Tensei IV...

2014-05-14 20:48:33 by theclassybutler

Has just grabbed my moral values by the balls and twisted them.

I'm theclassybutler by the way. How ya doin'? ;)

I Am Here!

2014-05-13 01:30:42 by theclassybutler


I see this site has changed quite a lot since I was last here as SinCOMIXXX, Kiwi-Sundae, DragonPunch and HiryuGouki! Boy, were those the days, eh? Glad I put that all behind me. I am here simply to exchange ideas about art, to better my art, better myself as a designer of characters, and to create my webcomic, Death Angel, something that is only in the concept phase right now. I can only hope that you once again, take me in as one of your own and forgive me for my horrendous behavior on my previous accounts. Well, that is, except for SinCOMIXXX. I must admit, I was quite the gentleman, then. I am open to critique, the exchange of ideas for designs, stories, etc. I am also open to helping other artists improve on THEIR while I improve my own. I am sure that my time with this community will be time well spent, and I look forward to our interactions, exchanges of ideas, feedback and being one with the community.

Tally-ho, old beans!

- theclassybutler