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Webcomic: Exchange

2014-09-22 02:44:06 by theclassybutler


C'mon Guys!!!

2014-08-24 02:36:42 by theclassybutler

THIS is getting frustrating! Y U NO LEAVE COMMENTS ON MY THREAD? I don't care if you want to just ramble on about nothing! I just want some new replies on my thread! C'mon guys! This sucks!

If Metal Gear Solid 3 were turned into a movie? I really think it could happen.

Who would you want on board? Who would you want to direct it (M Night Shamalan can fo FUCK himself for ruining my teenage years)? What actors do you want?

I have my own ideas, like Kurt Russel playing Naked Snake, and Scarlet Johansson as EVA, etc.

Calamity HUD

2014-07-30 21:45:40 by theclassybutler

This is the HUD for Calamity: Day of the Damned.


I wanted to know what Kill la Kill would look like as a fighting game, so, made this!

DISCLAIMER: The screenshot is from the Kill la Kill anime! All credit for the screenshot goes to the contributor, and Studio Trigger.


You know... I'm starting to think that this account of mine has just been banned from the art portal. I have been getting an excuse aplenty as to why the "scout this person" option does not appear on my works. And no, I am not asking to be scouted, I am just citing something that's going on. 

Seriously... When are the NG Staff going to fix this glitch? It's starting to drive me nuts! 

In any case, I just hope things change around here soon. I'm starting to worry that maybe I have been banned. Tell me... Is anyone else experiencing this glitch, especially those of you who have been pruned, or is it just me? If it is just me, then that shit is downright not fair. 

I am really hoping that this "glitch" will be fixed.


2014-07-01 01:09:53 by theclassybutler


But it seems as if I have been unscouted... Again... I sincerely have no idea what I did wrong this time... I may be pissed beyond belief right now... But I'm gonna try and contain myself this time...

Well... Maybe the staff will let me be scouted again, but until that time, I am abandoning this site for a while. I'll be on the forums, but other than that... I dunno what to do right now... After everything that's happened this week, even if it's the quality of my work (which is miles above at least 35% of what gets accepted into the art portal; a point you CANNOT deny), or something that the mods don't like that I did... I don't know what's been going wrong this week, but I've been getting fucked over by Newgrounds, DA, and... Just... No... I need a break... I am literally about to cry right now... I'm not even joking... So much shit has been thrown my way, and I don't know what to do with it...

Someone please help me...

Yo! Guys!

2014-06-21 01:16:29 by theclassybutler

Someone, PLEASE go over my work! I need the views and reviews! 

So that way whenever any of you wants to scout me, you can be sure that yes, I have four pieces. If you want to see them all, be sure to click on the "A" in the ratings icon section. 

So, yeah... I'm starting to get into a routine when it comes to my art, which is good. I may do a piece every week as far as digital paintings go. I may also start a lesbian sex comic, so at some point when the inspiration hits, I will start on it. For now, things are going great! Anyway, thanks for your support! It is much appreciated!