Site Glitch is STILL Not "Fixed"!

2014-07-11 22:50:54 by theclassybutler

You know... I'm starting to think that this account of mine has just been banned from the art portal. I have been getting an excuse aplenty as to why the "scout this person" option does not appear on my works. And no, I am not asking to be scouted, I am just citing something that's going on. 

Seriously... When are the NG Staff going to fix this glitch? It's starting to drive me nuts! 

In any case, I just hope things change around here soon. I'm starting to worry that maybe I have been banned. Tell me... Is anyone else experiencing this glitch, especially those of you who have been pruned, or is it just me? If it is just me, then that shit is downright not fair. 

I am really hoping that this "glitch" will be fixed.


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2014-07-12 10:25:21

you're retarded, you probably didnt tick off the "this is not a sketch" button before submitting your art

theclassybutler responds:

I doubt it. You see, when someone is pruned, the re-scout option should appear, but it isn't right now. Ornery told me that this was a glitch, because said feature is not working.