I Have Adult Only Artwork

2014-06-08 22:44:20 by theclassybutler

So that way whenever any of you wants to scout me, you can be sure that yes, I have four pieces. If you want to see them all, be sure to click on the "A" in the ratings icon section. 

So, yeah... I'm starting to get into a routine when it comes to my art, which is good. I may do a piece every week as far as digital paintings go. I may also start a lesbian sex comic, so at some point when the inspiration hits, I will start on it. For now, things are going great! Anyway, thanks for your support! It is much appreciated!


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2014-06-08 22:51:20

Cute art style. While I can't scout you, I have recommended you for the Art Portal, hopefully you'll be scouted in a couple of days. :)

theclassybutler responds:

What? Really?! Awesome! Thank you! Truly, I am humbled. :)